Our houses are homes you'll never want to leave.




We know you want live near where you work and play. And we know how annoying it is to drive across town to grab a few things for a healthy dinner. Why shouldn't you live near the places you go most often? 


live together separately

Thoughtful site layouts give enough space for you to live independently but also provide amenities for you to hang with your neighbors when you want to. Because sometimes its just nice to know someone else is out there. 



outdoor space & edible plants

Small sites and beautiful landscapes are not mutually exclusive. We design outdoor spaces that can chill you out while simultaneously giving your four-legged friend a place to run. Wherever possible, our plants produce edible fruits and veggies. Go ahead, grab a peach and a seat in the grass. You've earned it.



every detail matters

Where will you drop your keys and wallet after work? And what's the best place to set up a mobile office? And why don't the summer and winter clothes ever fit in the same closet? We answer these questions (and hundreds more) before you ever see a floor plan.  

Here's what we want:

A home we can afford

A short drive to work

Friendly neighbors

Timeless design options

Access to the outdoors

A kitchen for a cook

A big bathroom

Plenty of storage

A place to hang out

A place to hang in

What do you want?